Night Blinds Strip Curtains
Islad Cover roller blind
Island cover (rollerblind type) Blinds meat display
Blinds meat display Metal handle and clasp
Metal handle and clasp Side view
Side view

kool curtains / Night Blinds

These are made from a transparent 125 micron polyester film which is perforated to reduce condensation.

Use Width (4ft) Length (drop)
Uprights (slow release spring) 1207 mm/4ft 1950mm
Uprights (slow release Spring) 1190mm 1700mm
Upright +Islands (standard Spring) 1207 mm/4ft 1400mm
Upright +Islands (slow release) 950mm 1400mm
Uprights (slow release Spring) 900mm 1950 mm
"G"hook for meat cases
Installation- optional Where available

Payback Period:

We are finding that with current electricity tariffs, the estimated payback period is typically less than 8 months. This naturally varies from region to region, and the number of hours that the curtains are in use. Kool Curtains have an expected life-span of five years.

G Hook Roller Blind
Roller blind with "G" hook fitted for holding onto Stainless steel tube bumper rails where needed
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