1. Why Use “Kool” Curtain Night Blinds?

“Kool” Curtain night blinds increase supermarket profits by lowering store operating costs:

  • refrigeration costs are reduced by keeping cold air in the display case during the hours when the store is closed
  • Heating costs are reduced by providing a shield between the store environment and the inside of the display case( ie spillage of cold air prevented)
  • Maintenance costs are reduced by allowing refrigeration compressors to work less and last longer.
  • Shrinkage costs due to the spoilage of perishable food products is reduced by improving the refrigerated environment inside the display case and shielding products from such harmful factors as heat and ultraviolet radiation in the store
2. What Are They Made Of?

“Kool” Curtains are made from a very durable polyester film. When drawn, the curtains deflect heated air from the store away from the display case while at the same time keeping cold air inside the case where it belongs. In addition, the fabric is perforated to prevent condensation from collecting inside the display case. All components are rustproof and washable, allowing the blinds to maintain a clean and shiny appearance for years to come.

3. How Are They Installed?

“Kool” Curtains may be installed in various configurations, depending on the design of the display case. It can be placed either inside or outside of the canopy, depending on customer preference. Installation is simple, using a drill and screw driver.

For low-temperature cases (freezers), the defrost timer should be set to activate when the blind is not in use. Cases with an ambient air curtain (normally only upright freezers) should have the air curtain turned off when the blind is drawn, to prevent ambient air from being blown into the case.

4. How Long Will They Last?

“Kool” Curtains are assembled in South Africa and are expected to last 5 years at least.

5. What Will Happen To The Store Environment?

“Kool” Curtains solve the counterproductive and expensive problem of display cases operating to keep products cool while the store heating system tries to keep customers warm. It is recommended that the store's humidity level be controlled in order to minimize condensation when the blinds are drawn.

6. How Quickly Will They Pay For Themselves?

“Kool” Curtains will save up to 40% of refrigeration energy costs during the hours when a store is closed, while also reducing heating costs especially in the mornings due to blinds preventing the escape of cold air from the cabinets during the night. This cold air would accumulate in the store. In addition, compressor maintenance costs will be reduced, and the shelf life of perishable products kept in the case will be extended. As well, product losses from equipment or power failure will be reduced.

Due to all of these advantages, we have found that the blinds usually can pay for themselves in 8-15 months, depending on the local cost of energy, and the hours of store operation. “Kool” Curtains provide simple and effective insulation for refrigerated display cases during the hours when a store is closed.

Designed for use on meat, deli, produce, dairy, and beverage cases, “Kool” Curtains save money by lowering energy costs, reducing engineering maintenance costs, and extending the shelf life of perishables.

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